Yoga Sūtra Verse 1.15

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dṛśṭa – visible, perceptible, something you can see with your eyes
ānuśravika – extra dimensional experiences [lit. to hear (or read) Vedic descriptions]
viśaya – sense objects
vitṛśṇarya – from one who is freed from material desires
vaśīkāra – held under control, subjugated
saṁjñā –  consciousness
vairāgyam – detachment, renunciation, dispassion, disinterested


“To be a detached yogi, you must take back control of your consciousness, so that it is free from desire for any material object in this world, or any of the subtler dimensions.”


Ignorance shields you from your true nature due to your mind’s influence. Consequently, you identify with your body, mind and senses. This results in innumerable desires for material pleasures and pain avoidance.  To overcome the mind you must  accept that nothing or no one in this material world will make you happy or fulfill you. You must also welcome any pain this life will produce. In this way, you rise above material desires.

Doing this does not mean you will be free from material desires. It means you will perceive your material desires as useless. This will allow you to direct your energy towards spiritual desires. As you practice dispassion for all things material you must also practice longing for a connection to the inconceivable, the absolute, or God as you understand him.



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