Welcome to the yoga sutras (by Atma)

(art by Beb-Deum)

(art by Beb-Deum)

Table of Contents:

Atma Presents –

a practical translation of the yoga sutras for those interested in yoga and meditation and understanding how to use these timeless yoga messages in the modern era. The Yoga sutras of Patanjali are a collection of about 200 short Sanskrit verses that explain the nature of the mind and how you can alter your approach to life to overcome the influence of the mind. I have been writing a translation of these for the last year and am looking forward to sharing my work publicly. Please do comment and ask questions.

About this website

With the help of my good friend boo, I will be adding the translated verses and commentary as I go. I will always include the original Devanagri (original Sanskrit script), a transliteration (Sanskrit in English letters) and my word for word definitions so you can see how I have translated the text.  You can use the liks below or on the side to navigate to the sutras. Boo also insisted that this site be optimized for  tablets and smart phones, and it is. 🙂

Atma's helper, Boo



Please be patient  as I slowly bring the website up to speed with what I have written. Additionally, I reserve the right to continually edit my work. Until the time of physical publication this is a work in progress. (So your comments and questions are greatly appreciated.)     🙂



P.s. This site is an offering from me to all. If, however, you feel moved to make a donation, please do. It will go to growing this resource.

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